pastor Vítězslav Kukla


An unconventional church needs an unconventional pastor. My life was normal, I didn't have great problems, I lived so called „normal life“. And in spite of that, or maybe just because of that, I met Jesus in1994 and invited Him into my heart. I was looking for something worth living for. I wanted to live to the fullest. Lifestyle of permanent action. Life full of joy, peace and well-being. Everything this I've found when Jesus came into my heart. He brought peace to my heart and action to my life.

God let me know that He received me just as I am. That I don't have to try hard to get close to Him, in fact He wants to come to me. Nobody else could give me such an offer – no man, no religion or philosophy. He has shown me that it's Him who did the first step towards me, stretched out His hand and now He is waiting, if I will receive His offer. And it also happened. By His entering into my life God has also shown me His plans for me and my family.

Part of His perfect plan was to study at a Bible School Dómata in Prague and cooperation with Victory Bible Institute. Then He led us to Tábor and České Budějovice, where we founded a new church – Bible Centre of Faith.

Together with my wonderful wife we see how God is changing people's lives and fulfills his promises. Every day is a new challenge and opportunity to live a life worth living. To live with Jesus!