biblické centrum víry


Bible Centre of Faith is living, dynamic fellowship of Christians full of God´s word, power and love. It´s a place where a man can meet living God people who live blessed lives and are not ashamed of their faith. God´s presence and power that acts in people’s lives – changes, comforts and heals – is present in our meetings. Words full of faith and love always come out of our mouth.

Christians believe that:
God has an amazing plan for every person – life full of joy, health, peace and wealth.  

Jesus Christ died on the cross so we could live quality life. 3. John 1:2

God said that he will not banish anyone who will come to him. John 6:37

Jesus is the only way to God and eternal life. John 14:6

Health for every man is God´s will. 1. Peter 2:24

It is possible to accept eternal life and live it on this Earth. Romans 10:9

Church is here to preach the gospel. Mark 16:15

Life of a man shall be full of joy. Philippiens 4:4

God fulfils all needs of a man. Philippiens 4:19