BCV is living, dynamic fellowship of Christians full of God´s word, power and love. It´s a place where a man can meet living God people who live blessed lives and are not ashamed of their faith. God´s presence and power that acts in people’s lives – changes, comforts and heals – is present in our meetings. Words full of faith and love always come out of our mouth.
WORD FOR A WEEK - Here are words that will encourage you, build and will help you to walk with God. WORD ON THEME - finance, marriage, illness and bolset, youth, children, relationships, depression, obesity, loneliness, forgiveness,... ETERNAL LIFE - Maybe you already have heard such an idea "eternal life" and you don't know what to imagine.



pastoři Vítězslav a Iveta Kuklovi Pastors Vítězslav and Iveta Kukla serve in Biblical Faith Center since year 2006. They began in Tábor and two years later in České Budějovice. Vítězslav Kukla graduated two bible schools and served ten years in the service of assistance in various churches. Similarly, Iveta has a bible school. Their desire is communicate the Word of God to people in a way that everyone can apply it in their everyday life.
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